Thursday, February 23, 2012

G-Project : Game Project Management Template

          Wow, it's been a while. I realized I haven't created the duplicated post of this into this post since the other is in Virulife blog which is posted before Viruappcookies not appeared yet. Oh well, better late than never :p. I also will post the more general version soon after this one.

          G-Projer is a project management template for game. It makes easier and consistent to manage the project of a game. G-Projer size is small since the inside is just .txt files for hint/readme/other and folders for categorizing.

          I did a private research on my own long ago. The project is for making a better management for game project. Why I did this? Because each time when I made a game, the content is often get mixed makes me dizzy for focus for different categories.

          With the G-Projer I made, I can separate the different categories into different folder. Not only that, I use it as template of my project. So, the category will keep consistent.

Some screenshot:

The category of G-Projer is:

1. [gameProject] : This will be folder for storing the main project of the game.
2. GDD (Game Design Document), useful for storing text and image file related to GDD and concept.
3. Resource : This is for storing the resource for the game but not used yet.
4. Request : This is for listing and storing the files you need
5. Reference : This is for tutorial, competition page, and any related kind.

Here is the link download the G-Projer (size = 11 KB):

via ifile
via Mediafire

This may be not good yet, but I will try to keep improving it in the other time.
Feel free to give credit if you use my G-Projer ;).
If you have any suggestion or question, feel free to comment in this post. I might implement some of the suggestion.


  1. Very nice, template should be done for easier management :D