Monday, November 14, 2011

Auto-Sudoku Application

          Several days ago, I made an application called Auto-Sudoku for the assignment of Algorithm Strategy course. I used C++ for making the application. This Sudoku application is for solving the Sudoku input from a file. Brute Force algorithm must be used in that assignment to solve the Sudoku. It took around 2 days for me to make it. Not only that, there was some bug that need to be fixed. There reason why I posted the finished application is because rather not used for long time or never after finished, I chose to publish and share it with the world.

          Now, for the solution, I first take an input from the file, then scan whether the number in the slot can be changed. After that, I check per slot whether there is same number in the above, below, left, or right and whether the number in the slot break the 3x3 sudoku rules. After that, the printing is executed to display the solved sudoku.

          You can freely use this application and the source code. Be sure to include me in credit if used on your project. 

Screenshot (Solved Sudoku) :

Download :

Download Source Code at Virucodesoup page